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Prof. Xiaochun Cheng

Middlesex University, UK

Title: Artificial Intelligence Computing Solutions and Applications
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been applied to more and more applications. Xiaochun Cheng researched both symbolic and numeric AI computing solutions and applied different AI computing solutions into several projects, including security, e-learning, system engineering, management, communication network,  et al. This speech will review relevant AI computing solutions and AI applications, rational the potential and limitations of relevant AI computing solutions, hence support future more and better AI applications by integrating diverse AI computing solutions.

Biodata: Dr. Xiaochun Cheng received the BEng Degree in Computer Engineering in 1992, PhD in Computer Science in 1996. He visited Queen’s University of Belfast between 1997 and 1998. He was a Postdoc Research Associate at Sheffield University between 1998 and 2000. He was a Lecturer in Reading University between 2000 and 2005. He has been a Senior Lecturer since 2006 and since 2012 the Computer Science Project Coordinator in Middlesex University. One project was funded with 16 Million Euro budget. He is a member of the IEEE SMC Technical Committee on Computational Intelligence, IEEE SMC Technical Committee on Intelligent Internet Systems, IEEE Communications Society Communications and Information Security Technical Committee, IEEE Technical Committee on Cloud Computing, BCS AI Specialist Group, BCS Information Security Specialist Group. He has been Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis Award Chair of IEEE Technical Committee on Cloud Computing. He contributed for five times best conference paper awards so far. 3 his papers are in the 2020 top 1% of the academic field by Data from Essential Science Indicators. He won 3 times national competitions. He won National Science and Technology Advance Award.



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